Smashy Road 2 Game Online Free

This is the real action! Here you will feel a huge adrenaline rush in your blood! You will take on the role of the most dangerous criminal! The police managed to figure you out and now the real shadowing begins for you. This will be the most dangerous race in your life!

You must do your best not to be caught. You don’t want to go to jail, do you? Press the gas pedal and drive as fast as you can! On your way you will meet various serious obstacles. What will you do if you accidentally cross into the oncoming lane?

Never lose control! Armed guys are waiting for you to stop in fear! Look for a way out, even if you are at a dead end! Your main goal is to survive as long as possible! In addition, you will gradually be able to open new modes of transport.

There is a huge selection here. Earn points and coins to buy yourself the fastest car. The money will be scattered all over your route. Be careful, because you will have several tasks at once! Become the most elusive criminal!

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